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Beyond numbers, I have no boundaries for my eagerness to science and motivation to share knowledge. My creativity knows no limit when it comes to using it for tackling real world problems, overcoming extreme challenges, or even creating new baking recipes. This is why the numbers below keep increasing…endlessly!

3 Diplomas

Passionate about computer science, I couldn’t get enough! After getting my Engineering degree  in computer science (2006) from Higher National School of Computer Science, ESI, I came back to the same university to take a diploma of two years of post graduation (2009). Then I enrolled for a thesis, and got my PhD in 2015.

7+ Roles & duties

I like to dig into new adventures while wearing multiple hats. This is why, in addition to my main tasks as professor, I took the responsibility to manage the media content of our research laboratory LMCS. I am also the organizer of a yearly conference which gathers PhD students in our LMCS Lab. As members of the program committee in computer science department, we work on developing new syllabus for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. While working as a member of the quality committee, I helped to assess the university’s standards and enhance the services related to teaching, research and campus life. I am also Academic and Research Consultant at IEACON (Sweden).

8 honors and awards

Some of the awards I have been crowned with: Best paper award (Canada 2011), Best thesis finalist (Algeria 2015), Techwomen emerging leader (USA 2017), speaker at Microsoft Ignite (USA 2018 & 2019), and Microsoft Ignite the Tour (Paris 2019), Science by women fellowship (Spain 2019)…

9+ Collaborations

Working in scientific research has opened several collaborations through international projects. Some of the large number of companies and universities I worked with are, Stock&Buy (Norway), MIT (Boston. USA), INSA Lyon (France), AITECH (Algeria), LCIS IUT Valence (France), Cerist (Algeria), CNAS (Tunisia)…

+10 hours volunteering per week

Being a strong advocate of promoting technology access for every single person, especially women and girls in isolated regions, I committed to give part of my day to serve my community and inspire many others worldwide. I am certified as a head judge for Technovation competitions (reviewing projects online) for both girls and families editions. I am also a board member of Techwomen Techgirls club (Algeria chapter) where we set programs to encourage women and girls to get involved in STEM. Giving talks and holding mentoring sessions are also part of my volunteering activities.

12+ courses

With over a decade of teaching experience, I have participated in giving 12+ courses. Lectures mainly focus on Internet of Things, project management, research methodology, cross projects, networking and web development…

13+ years experience

Since 2010, I have been working as Assistant Professor at ESI, Algeria. Among many academic activities, I mainly give lectures, develop new syllabus, and supervise many under-graduate and PhD students. While wearing the researcher hat, I manage research teams, work in international projects, and present my contributions in scientific conferences. My research interests include topics related to the Internet of Things, and communication reliability, but also consider other challenging areas like Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and security. 

Previously, I have worked for three years as Senior Engineer at National Company of Electricity and Gaz where I supervised network and security systems, managed IT team, held workshops for non-IT users, and worked as board member for ISO certifications program.

40+ Projects

Working in project-driven missions allow me to demonstrate my technical and management abilities. It helps also to continuously polish my skills and gain new ones. Between scientific research, academic tasks, and volunteering actions, I have been working in more than 40 projects as manager, collaborator, or team member.

60+ mentees

As I start counting, I could remember 60+ mentees who I coached along their undergraduate studies, final projects (engineer, master, PhD), or professional immersion. Mentoring is part of my job as professor but also one of my favorite volunteering activities.